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CNN Reports on the 8 Coolest Vending Machines in the World

AVT (ticker: AVTC). a leader in custom vending machines and automated retailing systems is leading one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation’s economy. Automated Retailing is the new way companies of all sizes are expanding their reach, engaging their customers, and enhancing their brand.

CNN recently published a piece titled, “The 8 Vending Machines Your Didn’t Know You Needed.” The piece highlighted ingenious, innovative and interesting custom vending systems from around the world. Almost half the systems profiled in the article were developed and built by AVT.

AVT creates self-service retail environments that attract attention and generate sales. The company also has one of the few pure business opportunities in the market, which allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to enter into the dynamic $1.1 trillion automated retailing industry.

The company has developed some of the most innovative systems in the world, including award-winning automated platforms for companies that include Medbox, Walmart, Blue Rhino, Cupcakes, Rug Doctor, and many more.

“We are pleased that once again, our systems are gaining international attention and acclaim,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “We specialize in creating customized systems that not only meet the needs of our customers, but do so in an often ground-breaking manner, taking our clients and the industry as a whole, to an entirely new level.”

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AVT is a publicly traded company (ticker: AVTC), with a 15-year track record of success and innovation. AVT provides custom solutions to companies seeking an automated platform to increase sales, expand distribution, control lift, lower overhead, and enhance brand awareness. For more information, call (877) 424-3663, or visit:


AVT Partners with Clothing Line Panic Switch Army for NASCAR Branding

AVT announced today that they have created a partnership with clothing line Panic Switch Army and their co-owner, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. The arrangement is intended to target the 75 million NASCAR fans, increase awareness about the advantages and opportunities in Automated Retailing, and enhance the brand and recognition of AVT, Inc.

Luke Burrett and his wife, former Playboy Playmate Charis Burrett, are co-founders of Panic Switch Army, along with NASCAR driver Kurt Busch.

In a recent interview with the Orange County Register, Busch said that the apparel company, “Ties in nicely with NASCAR’s core demographic of passionate fans who care about fashion.”

AVT is working with Panic Switch to create branding opportunities within the NASCAR circuit.

“We are pleased to be working with Panic Switch on this endeavor,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “We share the same values as Panic Switch, by providing the highest quality products, a deep-rooted heritage of innovation, and designs that are on the cutting edge of our respective industries,” he added. “ We look forward to introducing the new and exciting world of Automated Retailing to the millions of NASCAR fans throughout the country.”

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MSN Money Lists AVT as a “Stock to Watch in 2014”

A recent article in MSN Money listed AVT (AVTC) as one of the hottest stocks to watch in 2014. In a report titled, “14 Cannabis Stocks to Watch in 2014,” it stated that the move toward legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has boosted cannabis-related companies.
“Marijuana investors took interest in the (AVTC) stock when Medbox  (MDBX) announced a purchasing agreement,” the article stated.

AVT is one of the few companies in the list of Stocks to Watch that is not involved in the production or cultivation of marijuana.

AVT manufactures biometric secure storage, dispensing and inventory control systems for their partner, Medbox. These systems also provide an unalterable record for accurate taxation purposes and regulatory compliance.



Marijuana Stocks Soar as More States Join the Legalization Bandwagon

An article in NPR titled, “Entrepreneurs Buzzing Over Medical Marijuana Florida,” reported that Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia now have laws allowing for some form of medical marijuana. “Florida appears poised to join the club. Polls show that voters there are likely to approve a November ballot measure legalizing marijuana for medical use.”

If Florida approves it, it will be the first state in the Southeast to do so. And with nearly 20 million residents, it will be the biggest market outside of California.

The Statesman Journal reports that there are now enough signatures to get a legalization measure on Oregon’s ballot this November. If passed, which seems probable, the state would become the third to have legalized cannabis.

CBS News reported that Colorado’s governor expects marijuana sales to reach $1 billion in his state by the end of the fiscal year later this month.

And according to the New York Times, more than half the states, including some in the conservative South, are considering decriminalizing the drug or legalizing it for medical or recreational use.

Clearly, this market is growing dynamically. AVT’s partner is one of the leading companies in the cannabis industry, and as more states pass legalization measures, the greater the number of opportunities exist for their products, which creates more manufacturing orders for AVT.

As this industry continues to grow – in ways not seen since the dot-com explosion – AVT is well positioned to take advantage of this tidal wave of momentum.


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Technology Experts Examine Vending Customer Interaction

As reported by Vending Times, Television sets no longer have dials on them,” said Dr. Michael L. Kasavana, Michigan State University (E. Lansing, MI). “And vending machines no longer require you to establish credit before making a selection.”

Kasavana, who is the National Automatic Merchandising Association endowed professor of hospitality business at MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business, moderated a panel session on “Enhancing Technology Performance” at the 2014 NAMA OneShow.

Dr. Kasavana, who became the NAMA endowed professor in 1999, recalled that he had coined the term “v-commerce” to describe the convergence of data processing and data communications on the emerging generation of vending equipment at the turn of the millennium. Today, he said, it’s time to replace that summary with the term “v-engineering” to describe the emergence of advanced self-service technology. The industry continues to change rapidly, he noted, affected by a profusion of alternate payment systems, digital media, touchscreens and network applications. Especially noteworthy has been the arrival of enhanced consumer interfaces that, among many benefits, can help in product marketing.

New-generation vending machines with touchscreen customer interfaces have some similarity to websites and, like them, will benefit from user-friendly layout. “The design of the display does affect sales,” the speaker emphasized. “Operators need to increase same-store sales, and part of doing that is converting those ‘touches’ into purchases.”

Effective design of the screen display can make it easier for patrons to find a desired product and the information about it that they want, he said. It also can encourage customers to take advantage of options like multiple purchases in a single transaction, or promotional incentives, to increase the size of the transaction. Interactive screens allow the development of a wide variety of customer incentives, giving operators access to merchandising tools that previously were confined to manual retail outlets.

Enabling consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to make payments also offers operators the opportunity to benefit from other capabilities of consumers’ wireless smart devices. Not only can contemporary mobile payment systems offer the convenience of use with debit and stored-value cards, but also the promotional power of loyalty and reward programs, “social vending” (gifting), and more.

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Television sets no longer have dials on them,” said Dr. Michael L. Kasavana, Michigan State University (E. Lansing, MI). “And vending machines no longer require you to establish credit before making a selection.” Kasavana, who is the National Automatic Merchandising Association endowed professor of hospitality business at MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business, moderated a panel session on “Enhancing Technology Performance” at the 2014 NAMA OneShow. – See more at:

Vending MarketWatch Talks About AVT’s Android Powered Machines

Vending MarketWatch, one of the industry’s leading trade publications, recently wrote about AVT’s new Android powered systems.

“AVT’s Android-powered custom vending machines can display ads and accept credit or debit cards and mobile wallet payments. Users can also redeem coupon codes and promotional offers,” the publication wrote.

“This system allows AVT to incorporate their patented technology, which provides remote wireless control of multiple vending machines. This industry-leading backend management system gives owners and operators a comprehensive set of customizable real-time reports on sales, usage patterns and even low inventory alerts.”

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San Francisco Chronicle Lists Best New Custom Vending Machines

The San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote about the best new vending machines — and do our delight and surprise, almost all of which are designed and built by AVT.

The Chronicle wrote about some of the new custom vending machines that are offering fresh, exciting and innovative offerings; which have stimulated renewed interest in the $40 billion vending market.

The article stated, “The latest offerings include baked goods from Sprinkles Cupcakes, which operates three cupcake ATMs, and salads sold from an automated kiosk run by Farmer’s Fridge, a small company in Chicago. There’s also caviar from an ‘automated boutique’ in Beverly Hills and Mexican food offerings from a Burrito Box in Santa Monica.”

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