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CNN Reports on the 8 Coolest Vending Machines in the World

AVT (ticker: AVTC). a leader in custom vending machines and automated retailing systems is leading one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation’s economy. Automated Retailing is the new way companies of all sizes are expanding their reach, engaging their customers, and enhancing their brand.

CNN recently published a piece titled, “The 8 Vending Machines Your Didn’t Know You Needed.” The piece highlighted ingenious, innovative and interesting custom vending systems from around the world. Almost half the systems profiled in the article were developed and built by AVT.

AVT creates self-service retail environments that attract attention and generate sales. The company also has one of the few pure business opportunities in the market, which allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to enter into the dynamic $1.1 trillion automated retailing industry.

The company has developed some of the most innovative systems in the world, including award-winning automated platforms for companies that include Medbox, Walmart, Blue Rhino, Cupcakes, Rug Doctor, and many more.

“We are pleased that once again, our systems are gaining international attention and acclaim,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “We specialize in creating customized systems that not only meet the needs of our customers, but do so in an often ground-breaking manner, taking our clients and the industry as a whole, to an entirely new level.”

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AVT is a publicly traded company (ticker: AVTC), with a 15-year track record of success and innovation. AVT provides custom solutions to companies seeking an automated platform to increase sales, expand distribution, control lift, lower overhead, and enhance brand awareness. For more information, call (877) 424-3663, or visit:


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