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Washington Joins Growing List of States Legalizing Marijuana as Market Predicted to Grow to $10.2 Billion

AVT (ticker: AVTC), a leader in automated retailing, micro-stores, custom vending machines and kiosks, commented today on the opening of legal marijuana dispensaries in Washington State.

The state now joins Colorado as the first two in the nation to allow for the legal adult use of marijuana or cannabis.

Experts predict that sales of cannabis in Washington will surpass those in Colorado, which according to ABC News is larger than previously estimated. Washington State has a population that is 33% greater than Colorado’s, accordingly the market is predicted to be proportionately larger.

As more states pass medical and adult use marijuana legislation, the need for systems that regulate and control the substance will increase. Storage dispensing and compliance machines such as the type that AVT builds for its customers will grow in demand.

“One of the things that separates AVT from any other manufacturer is that we partner with some of the most innovative companies in the world to produce new types of systems that redefine entire industries,” Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT commented. “From a self-service propane tank exchange to a gourmet coffee kiosk that has almost as many options as your neighborhood coffee shop; or an automated eyeglass cleaner and sanitizer; or a hot burrito, freshly squeezed juice, or freshly prepared salad dispenser; AVT is at the forefront of helping design, develop, and launch the most innovative self service systems in the world,” he added. “The marijuana and medicine dispensing machines we build for our clients are another example of how technology can shape the future of industries.”

According to CNBC, the marijuana market in America could top $10.2 billion within a few years.

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CNN Reports on the 8 Coolest Vending Machines in the World

AVT (ticker: AVTC). a leader in custom vending machines and automated retailing systems is leading one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation’s economy. Automated Retailing is the new way companies of all sizes are expanding their reach, engaging their customers, and enhancing their brand.

CNN recently published a piece titled, “The 8 Vending Machines Your Didn’t Know You Needed.” The piece highlighted ingenious, innovative and interesting custom vending systems from around the world. Almost half the systems profiled in the article were developed and built by AVT.

AVT creates self-service retail environments that attract attention and generate sales. The company also has one of the few pure business opportunities in the market, which allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to enter into the dynamic $1.1 trillion automated retailing industry.

The company has developed some of the most innovative systems in the world, including award-winning automated platforms for companies that include Medbox, Walmart, Blue Rhino, Cupcakes, Rug Doctor, and many more.

“We are pleased that once again, our systems are gaining international attention and acclaim,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “We specialize in creating customized systems that not only meet the needs of our customers, but do so in an often ground-breaking manner, taking our clients and the industry as a whole, to an entirely new level.”

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AVT is a publicly traded company (ticker: AVTC), with a 15-year track record of success and innovation. AVT provides custom solutions to companies seeking an automated platform to increase sales, expand distribution, control lift, lower overhead, and enhance brand awareness. For more information, call (877) 424-3663, or visit:

Vending MarketWatch Talks About AVT’s Android Powered Machines

Vending MarketWatch, one of the industry’s leading trade publications, recently wrote about AVT’s new Android powered systems.

“AVT’s Android-powered custom vending machines can display ads and accept credit or debit cards and mobile wallet payments. Users can also redeem coupon codes and promotional offers,” the publication wrote.

“This system allows AVT to incorporate their patented technology, which provides remote wireless control of multiple vending machines. This industry-leading backend management system gives owners and operators a comprehensive set of customizable real-time reports on sales, usage patterns and even low inventory alerts.”

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San Francisco Chronicle Lists Best New Custom Vending Machines

The San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote about the best new vending machines — and do our delight and surprise, almost all of which are designed and built by AVT.

The Chronicle wrote about some of the new custom vending machines that are offering fresh, exciting and innovative offerings; which have stimulated renewed interest in the $40 billion vending market.

The article stated, “The latest offerings include baked goods from Sprinkles Cupcakes, which operates three cupcake ATMs, and salads sold from an automated kiosk run by Farmer’s Fridge, a small company in Chicago. There’s also caviar from an ‘automated boutique’ in Beverly Hills and Mexican food offerings from a Burrito Box in Santa Monica.”

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AVT Chairman and Founder Comments on Their Record Trading Day

AVT, Inc. (Ticker: AVTC) ( Founder and Chairman, Shannon Illingworth, commented on the company’s two consecutive days of record trading. On December 12th, the company’s stock broke a trading volume record with over 210,00 shares transacted – and the price surging up 52%. The next day, over 692,000 shares traded and the price soared up over 89%.


“Since the first day we opened for business and had just a couple of employees, we had a vision of where we wanted to take this company,” Illingworth commented. “It’s not always easy being a pioneer and spending your time and money developing products that few others are even thinking about, but that’s exactly what we did.


“We wanted to create a way for an average person to start their own business – with only a small investment – so it would be available to anyone with ambition. We wanted to help men and women become their own boss, with a business they could be proud of, and literally reach for the American dream.


“So we developed the concept of Automated Retailing, which allows an entrepreneur to start a business without any of the hurdles that face most new start-ups, and sell virtually anything to anyone, anywhere and anytime.


‘Today, Automated Retailing is one of the fastest growing segments of the economy, and I’m proud of the fact that we’ve helped people start and succeed in their own businesses.


“AVT embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship – where people of any background can work hard, make smart decisions, and reap the rewards. That’s what made America great.


“I believe that AVT is helping rebuild America. In our nation’s great recession, we witnessed countless people take a long, hard look at their life and realize that they could no longer count on a paycheck or a steady job. At AVT, we spoke to these people everyday. We listened to them speak about their dreams, and we shared their enthusiasm for their vision. Whether they wanted to sell something as simple as freshly popped popcorn or as exotic as caviar, or had an idea to create an automated pharmacist’s assistant to help make prescription medicines available to patients quicker and easier, we worked hard to help them realize their dreams.


“Now, AVT is expanding – and developing new products and revenue streams that should make our company even stronger in the years to come.


“Our most recent quarters have all been strong, but I believe that our best days are still ahead. We will be announcing plans in the coming weeks about several new divisions that will focus on specific high-growth areas. We believe that these new divisions will not only complement our current offerings, but will help our revenues grow exponentially.


“And lastly, to our investors, I say thank you. We knew that eventually the world take notice and our stock value would grow. You’ve stayed with us through the lean years, and I hope you are now enjoying these wonderful days of our mutual success.”




About AVT:


AVT, Inc. is a high quality leader in the automated retailing industry, offering technology solutions at 50% less than the best-known competitor.


AVT is able to work with any size company to design a custom automated retailing solution that drives traffic, increases sales, improves security, and lowers overhead. With an in-house design team, software developers, mechanical engineers and on-site manufacturing, AVT can take projects from concept to completion with speed and cost efficiency.


AVT’s stock is traded through the OTC Bulletin Board Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTC.OB.


For more information on AVT, custom vending, or the Automated Retailing Industry, visit or call the Investor Relations Department at 800-240-5175.



USDA Issues New School Lunch Nutrition Standards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled new school nutrition rules on Jan. 25, aimed at improving child nutrition and combating childhood obesity. The regulations represent the first major change to school meal standards in more than 15 years. They will be phased in over the next three years, starting in the fall.

Under the guidelines, schools will be required to offer fruits and vegetables every day, increase the number of whole-grain foods and serve foods with less sodium and fat content than previously served. Only fat-free and low-fat milk will be allowed in school cafeterias.

In addition, the rules require portion sizes that ensure children receive calories appropriate to their age. A lunch for kindergarten through fifth grade students will contain no more than 650 calories on average. The limit goes up to 700 calories for sixth through eighth grades, and 850 calories for ninth through 12th grades.

The new requirements are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act signed into law last year by President Barack Obama and championed by the First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her Let’s Move! campaign.

The nutritional overhaul is estimated to cost roughly $3.2 billion to implement over the next five years. The act provides more funding to schools to help cover the extra costs associated with the menu changes.


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AVT Designs New Redemption System for Mountain Dew

AVT, Inc. (Ticker: AVTC.PK) ( recently completed the design and manufacturing of a unique, first of its kind, automated redemption system for Mountain Dew.

The system was developed for Mountain Dew for use at promotional events, and rewards customers when they place empty plastic soda bottles into the machine for eventual recycling. The system’s innovative design senses the empty bottle and then gives the customer a t-shirt made from 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% organic cotton.

The Mountain Dew Automated Redemption System was developed by the combined efforts of AVT engineers, designers and programmers, who created a new way of looking at automated systems technology, and resulted in an innovative design that is customizable for specific locations and brand partnerships.


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About AVT:

AVT, Inc. is a leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. AVT is able to work with any size company to design a custom automated retailing solution that drives traffic, increases sales, improves security, and lowers overhead. With an in-house design team, software developers, mechanical engineers and on-site manufacturing, AVT can take projects from concept to completion with speed, economy and ingenuity.


AVT’s stock is traded through the OTC Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTC:PK

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