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AVT Develops Next Generation “Smart Technology” Self-Service Micro-Stores

AVT announced that their new Micro-Store Self-Service Systems, which offer the most advanced technology in the industry, will be ready to ship in 3rd quarter, 2014.

Accordingly to research from Cisco Systems, these new automated shopping environments could be a $7 billion revenue opportunity across thousands of high-traffic venues, with payback of investment in two years or less.

AVT’s tour-de-force of technology and innovation allows system owners to offer products of a vast variety for sale to consumers, with new interactivity through customized touchscreen panels that provide instant access to an online store for almost limitless shopping.

For example, if a customer sees a beautiful shoe in the kiosk they want to purchase, but they prefer it in another color, the AVT interface can instantly offer that item in their preferred size and color through a dedicated connection to an online store. The item can be shipped to the customer’s home, or held at a retail location for pick-up.

Through the AVT Micro-Store, entrepreneurs can open a new business with almost no overhead, while attracting customers and selling products 24-hours a day.

These advanced systems allow business owners to combine online and in-person shopping paths, and deliver a unique and engaging shopping experience that takes customized automation to new heights. Integrating an online and automated store gives customers greater convenience and more shopping options, while providing system owners with more ways to reach and attract customers.

AVT’s new kiosks can be placed in almost any venue, such as airports, transit stations, shopping malls, amusement parks, stadiums, universities, hotels, workplaces, and apartment complexes… virtually anywhere people gather, indoors or out.

“Our customers have been asking for a more advanced micro store, with integration to online shopping channels,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT. “Our new automated platform provides business owners and entrepreneurs with the most advanced and effective system in the world, while giving customers the most engaging and comprehensive shopping experience.”

For more information on AVT or their Micro-Stores, call (877) 424-3663, or visit:


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