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Rug Doctor Partners With AVT For Self-Service Kiosk System

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Automated Retailing is the New Low Cost Way to Reach Consumers in Virtually Any Location.

Today, all over the world, upscale automated retail centers offer shoppers the ability to purchase unique items in locations where they would not normally be found.

In the lobby of a luxury hotel stands a machine that dispenses gold bars and coins. In bathrooms at upscale bars, vending machines with hair products enable women to get a mini beauty treatment before heading back on to the dance floor. And at the Los Angeles Airport, people can soon download movies to a portable flash drive that will play on their computer.

But don’t call them vending machines… these automated retailing centers feature stylish architecture and graphics, and have interactive touch screens that entice, entertain, and inform.

What drives this quest for automation? The answer is simple, according to Shannon Illingworth, the founder of AVT – one of the nation’s leading developers of automated retailing systems. “For consumers it’s about convenience and a fun shopping experience. For retailers it’s about lowering costs, expanding product lines, increasing distribution, and reducing shrinkage.”

AVT, which makes some of the newest high tech self-service retailing kiosks, recently completed an order for a beautiful aluminum and glass tower that dispenses electronics such as cell phones, iPods, and portable satellite navigation systems. Illingworth stated that the system is a huge hit – especially with the younger generation.

The economics make it easy to see why. Mall stores produce about $330 a square foot a year, while a 28-square-foot kiosk can generate $3,000 to $10,000 a square foot a year, according to some reports.

Does this mark the end of the retail store? Hardly, states Illingworth. Just as DVDs didn’t end movie theaters, automated retailing won’t replace brick and mortar stores. “We complement the store by offering an interesting variety of products to a captivated audience in locations that are not normally served,” he stated. “We’re the icing on the retailer’s cake.”

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AVT Provides Automated Solution for Medicine Dispensing

AVT Provides Automated Solution for Medicine Dispensing

 Advanced Technology Includes Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

AVT, Inc.,  (Ticker: AVTCD.PK) (, continues to revolutionize the vending and automated retailing industries by offering an ATM-style kiosk that provides prescription medicine refills directly to consumers, 24-hours a day, without the need for a pharmacist or store employee.

This breakthrough system uses advanced biometric fingerprint recognition and a high definition camera to validate each transaction.

The automated prescription kiosks are being produced in partnership with Medicine Dispensing Systems, and have been awarded a U.S. Patent.

“Automated prescription dispensing will soon be in every city in America, and will be the way most people obtain their medicines,” stated Vincent Mehdizadeh, CEO of Medicine Dispensing Systems. “It provides a huge convenience factor, as customers no longer have to stand in long lines or wait for their prescriptions to be filled,” he added. “Plus it lowers overhead for retailers, reduces human error, and minimizes loss due to shrinkage.”

Further details on the new automated prescription medicine dispensing systems can be found on AVT’s websites at:, along with general information about AVT and their self-service retailing systems, customized vending solutions, and automated stores.

About AVT:

AVT, Inc. is a leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. AVT’s stock is currently traded through the OTC Markets, Ticker Symbol: AVTCD.PK

AVT Receives Multi-Million Dollar Credit Line From PMF Bancorp

AVT, Inc. (Ticker: Ticker: AVTC.PK) ( has received a new multi-million dollar line of credit from PMF Bancorp.

The credit line is intended primarily to help support AVT’s growing list of new production orders for units being placed nationwide, including in Walmart stores, major airports, hotels, health clubs and malls throughout the country.

AVT is a leader in the automated retailing industry, and designs and manufactures self-service retailing solutions for some of the top brands and retailers in the world.
The company is growing rapidly, which has necessitated developing and sourcing new production facilities and distribution centers. According to IPODesktop analyst Francis Gaskins , comparing the June 2011 quarter with the June 2010 quarter, AVT’s revenue skyrocketed 150%, while gross profit leaped 95%.

PMF Bancorp is a U.S. based commercial bank lender specializing in custom working capital programs for domestic and foreign companies with branch offices throughout China and expertise in helping U.S. companies looking for financing structure and credit guarantees on Chinese companies and manufacturing partners.

In addition to proving a guaranteed line of credit, PMF Bancorp will extend their Chinese banking and business relationships to AVT to help the company procure needed production, assembly and materials, quickly, reliably, and at less cost.

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